Thursday Tracks: Summer Vibes

Thursday Tracks is hosted by Gone with the Words
Thursday Tracks is hosted by Gone with the Words

This week I decided to share with a full playlist with you. I tend to really switch up what I’m listening to by season. I notice that once the weather starts to get cooler and darker my music gets slower and more acoustic, and when it gets warmer my music gets a little more lively (though this is not ALWAYS the case, but 90% of the time this is true). So since it’s still summer, like mid-summer, I thought now would be the PERFECT time to share my summer playlist. I kind of hop around with classic tunes, current pop, and other things. This is a lot of what I have been jamming to this summer. I will also link a couple of my favorites because this playlist is 110 songs long, and ALWAYS growing.

It was SO HARD to choose a few. Because I do love each and every song on there. And I bet if I wrote this a different day I would have picked a different 5.

What are some of your summer songs?

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