Something is coming…

Hi there! 

I just wanted to post a little something because I am getting really excited about stuff on the blog.

I honestly LOVE doing this and am really trying to come out of my slump of doing absolutely nothing. I love that I have found people to talk books with from ALL over the country and world.

The last year and a half has been a huge adjustment time, and I am still adjusting. I moved to a new state away from all my friends and family. I was handed rejection after rejection from jobs. I felt incredibly alone, and then was recently introduced to the world of book blogging with the help of OTSPSecretSister. Through this amazing organization (is that right to call it that? I am struggling for the right word there) I have met some AWESOME book bloggers, some of which have become very close friends. I have been able to send encouragement to a fellow book lover in secret (until I totally screwed up and forgot to make sure my name wasn’t on the package…) and received some from another book blogger (who I just recently found out was the fantastic Jordin at A Bottomless Book Bag). 

I don’t even have the time to tell you all about what has gone on in my life over the last year. No one has time for that. But I will tell you that I am finally starting to feel better, even a little happier. I have fantastic friends and family IRL, and that circle of friends is SLOWLY growing (am I the only adult that SUCKS at making friends?) and now I have this awesome community and some fantastic ladies that I have been able to talk to about nearly anything. 

So.. the point of this post is that I AM HERE! I AM TRYING AND I AM HERE! I really want to make this blog something that I do regularly because I love it. I love to talk books, movies, music…all that fun stuff. So I want you to be on the lookout, because I have some AWESOME posts coming up. Be on the lookout for:

  • Something completely and totally new to me on Friday. It’s a new feature I will be attempting on my blog and it is something that I love about books!
  • MY FIRST EVER BLOG TOUR STOP! On Monday you are going to learn all about an awesome new book series and a few facts about what went in to the production of that book. I never really knew all that went into it, and am very excited to have the author on the blog (and to be reading her book VERY soon).
  • Top Ten Tuesdays! I am going to keep working on doing those. I love them! I love making lists and seeing what I have in common with all kinds of book bloggers. And adding new books to the TBR is always good.
  • Keep looking for Spectacularly Swanky Saturdays (we’re buddy reading this month and I am DYING to get back to the book) and various book discussions.

I really am excited to dive into this head first. And by head first I mean I will still be taking my time a bit and working towards something that I am proud of. This blog is going to be 100% me no matter what, and I am so pumped.

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