Top Ten Tuesday: These Books Should Really Be Movies…

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish
Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

It has been awhile since I have been able to do a Top Ten Tuesday. I’ve missed it! And this one seemed like the PERFECT one to jump right back into. This week it’s all about books that we feel should become movies. I’m not going to lie, I looked around the internet to see what other people were saying, and they seemed to be picking the SAME THINGS. It’s cool, but there just seems to be a lack of variety (confession time: my list probably has at least 1-2 that a lot of people have..). My list is kind of all over the place, but here we go:

  1. THE LOOKING GLASS WARS– Uhm yea how is this not a thing already? I know they had it in talks for awhile but seriously. This is one of the coolest retellings of Alice in Wonderland EVER. I devoured this series and right away was recommending it to other friends who in turn devoured it. I would love to see this book come to life in front of my eyes.
  2. THE LEGEND SERIES– Again, one of those that I feel is a no-brainer. This is such a cool dystopian book, and I think it would play out so nicely on the screen. To have this world and these characters come to life would be fantastic.
  3. THE STORYSPINNER– As I was reading this book I kept thinking about how it would make an awesome movie. It has a slight historical fiction vibe but yet it is total fantasy. I think that, given the right director and an excellent cast, this could be really cool.
  4. ATTACHMENTS– Oh my gosh could you make a more perfect RomCom? Seriously, this book read exactly as that and I think it would be so awesome putting it on the big screen. I think it would quickly become one of those movies that I watch over and over again.
  5. WHERE SHE WENT– Because how have we not decided that we would do this. I loved If I Stay, both book and movie. I sobbed through it and then the movie was over and I was immediately wanting more (thank goodness I read the book so I know how it all ends up for them). Let’s just give those people that watched the movie but have no read the book the conclusion they deserve!
  6. GRACELING– This is purely for selfish reasons (and I saw this one mentioned on a few other blogs and just cannot agree more). I just love this story, and I want it to not only come to life in my head but also on the screen in front of me. Please please please please.
  7. LEVIATHAN– I just keep thinking of all the special effects that could be done with this movie and how awesome it would look. Plus, we need more steampunk-y movies right? Right.
  8. ETIQUETTE AND ESPIONAGE– Again, another steampunk-y type book that really should be put on the big screen. I would love to see how they do the airship that the school is on and all of the costuming and whatnot. It would be awesome.
  9. THE LUNAR CHRONICLES– Yes, not very original of me (I have seen this on MANY MANY lists) but tell me I’m wrong. Tell me that seeing Cinder on the big screen would be the worst thing? You can’t can you, because you know it would be awesome. I would love to see this world come to life. I would absolutely love it.
  10. CODE NAME VERITY– This book was awesome, and I think it could really go to screen quite nicely. The history, the friendship, everything…it would be awesome. I would love to see how they chose to go about telling the story on the screen, because it was one thing I kind of had to adjust to at first (before falling in love with this book…).

Look at all of the approval I am getting ^^^

Notice that I did leave a few of my most treasured books out (Scarlet, The Wrath and the Dawn, Throne of Glass). This is because I just cannot imagine how to do it without completely wrecking the images that I have in my mind for these stores (oh my gosh I am so scared that an actor would just destroy Rob for me…unless we could get Tom Hardy in on it…). I feel that some stories are best left as stories. Is this to say that I would avoid the movie if they were to make one? Nope. Not at all. I just have other stories that I want to see on the big screen more.

What books would you like to see as a movie (or even as a TV show)?

DON’T FORGET…This Saturday is yet another Spectacularly Swanky Saturday! Come join us as we talk about some of our most anticipated releases for the summer (and help us prepare for BUDDY READING!).

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: These Books Should Really Be Movies…

    1. I really feel like they could really work with that in this day and age. I mean it works with Pretty Little Liars. I don’t watch it, though I tried it first season and a lot of the story gets built up with text. I think it would be not totally different from that of Gone Girl getting told through diary enteries. Would it be tricky? Yes. But I think it could work.


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