Spectacularly Swanky Saturdays: Dream Library!


Welcome back to our 2nd Spectacularly Swanky Saturday! If you are wondering what this is all about head on over the Kelly’s page for info. Last month we tackled Book Spine Poetry in hopes that we could get to know each other a little bit, which was a lot of fun (and kind of tricky. It sure took me a bit to get it figured out.). This month……DREAM LIBRARY!

And we all know that I would really just LOVE the library that Beast gave to Belle but Kelly told me that was NOT ok (ha that’s right Kelly, putting the blame on YOU!). Sooooo I suppose this is what my dream library would look like…wpid-weijjcgysdwik.gif

Now I would be lying to you if I told you that I didn’t have an entire board dedicated to bookshelves and all things bookish on Pinterest and could EASILY just tell you to go over there and check it out (which I would recommend you still do that because it’s just cool) buuuut, these are some MUST HAVE things in my dream library (if money and space was not an option). 

Obviously my library would have all the books I could ever want. When I say a dream library I mean a whole darn library. Just a room FILLED with books. I cannot imagine my dream library without that. These books would also be organized (because in this perfect world with my dream library I would have time for it all!). I would have things alphabetized by author. I would have things in their respective sections. I would have the non-fiction shelved by their Dewey number. I am talking a real library guys. 

THERE WOULD BE A SYSTEM! Yes, a checkout system of some sort. Because I do LOVE to spread my love of books. I love to freak out over the awesomeness of books with people, but I have some anxiety about lending books to people. BORROWING means they should come back. I have had too many people borrow things and never return (and if you are reading this I maaaay be pointing my finger at you, but for the most part I have forgiven you). I need a system so you can enjoy the books too!

Ok, now that I have gotten the whole organization part out of the way….

My dream library would have some sort of reading nook (because HOW COZY do these lovelies look?)

It would have plenty of NATURAL light. Right now the room in my apartment that I would like to have be my reading room eventually gets A LOT of natural light. So many windows. It’s perfect. But I would also like some lamps with some soft lighting. I would hate to have a room that is lit up by anything close to florescent lighting.

And of course…there would be AMPLE shelf space. Obviously not EXACTLY like this, but still…

And of course there would be some plant life. Maybe some candles and bookish/nerdy pictures on the wall (because I do what I want). It would MOST DEFINITELY include some of these posters….
Because who DOESN’T love being told by Loki and Alan Rickman to read? But then there are these too (ha, this is what I get for trying to be all classy)…

Well, there it is…my dream library. Lots of nerdiness, but also lots of books. 

What about you…what would YOUR dream library look like? Any similarities between ours?

Feel free to join in on this month’s Spectacularly Swanky Saturday (and all the other ones too!). Just be sure to use the hashtag #SwankySat so that we can see all that joined. Also feel free to leave your post in the comments! Cannot wait to see what other libraries people come up with!

Next Month (June 6th)…Most Anticipated Release (What is your most anticipated new release of the summer?! Why are you excited for it?! Make this a spotlight on your blog if you would like and help the author promote their masterpiece!)

(Check them out…Kelly (Live, Love, Read), Lindsey (Bring My Books), Brittany (Please Feed the Bookworm), and posts by both Lauren and Chelsea (Between the Pages)


6 thoughts on “Spectacularly Swanky Saturdays: Dream Library!

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  2. Hehehehe, I love all of your Belle references. Haha, GUYS STOP BLAMING ME FOR MAKING YOU USE YOUR IMAGINATION!! Goshhhhhh ❤ You all act like it's the end of the world. =P Haha, but I love your SYSTEM and that big, fluffy, comfy-looking chair. I think I need that chair… just not in pink!

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