Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish
Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

This week we are talking about those favorite authors. You know you have AT LEAST one. That author that you NEED to buy/borrow their latest book so that you can obsess over it and move on (meaning you sit and wait for their next book). If you don’t have those authors in your life I am so sorry and I hope you find some. Here are ten of my favorite authors (in not any particular order). 

  1. JK Rowling: If you did not guess this then I am seriously disappointed in you. JK Rowling gave me my first series that I devoured. She gave me a world that I loved and characters that I really cared about. How can you not love her books? 
  2. Roald Dahl: I am sad to say that I did not read a lot of his books as a kid. I started reading them in college (as part of a class) and fell in love. I love his writing style and the worlds he creates. And the fact that he based a lot of things on his own life!? That just blows my mind! Hoping he didn’t really know someone who turned into a giant blueberry. 
  3. Gail Carson Levine: I read Ella Enchanted OVER AND OVER AND OVER when I was a kid. I read her shorter fairy tale retellings as well and just loved them. I love how she sticks true to the type of feel of a fairy tale but puts her own spin on it. She was definitely a favorite of mine as a kid and I still would read anything she would release. 
  4. Marie Lu: I hadn’t loved a series like I loved the Legend series in a LONG TIME. Probably since the Hunger Games. Her writing is so good, and her stories are fantastic. I love her new series (The Young Elites) and CANNOT wait until book two (CAN IT COME OUT NOW PLEASE!). 
  5. Rainbow Rowell: She writes stories that just come alive to me. Her characters feel real, their issues seem real, and the worlds seem real. Nothing seems far fetched and everything feel relate-able. I just love that about her work. Everything book I have read by her really just hits me, and I have experienced a book hangover after each and every one of her books.  
  6. Sarah J Maas: I struggle with fantasy sometimes, but Throne of Glass had me diving in headfirst and wanting more. I learn so much from her books. I feel like even in that fantasy genre the problems her characters face, the personal problems, are so real and so relate-able. Also, she writes badass women without it feeling like it’s too much (you all know what I mean. The women that are so badass that it’s like “really…come on…”). I will read basically anything this woman writes.  
  7. AC Gaughen: Yep, I adore her books. I am SO SAD that the Scarlet series is ending (but also so excited because OMG so many things need to be figured out) but I am so looking forward to what she does next. I got her first book, Scarlet, kind of on a whim. I had heard good things and thought it sounded like something I might like. I didn’t realize it was something I would become obsessed with. She has given me a series that I adore beyond words and that I am always terrified to recommend to people because what if they don’t like it and trash my favorite series. Yes, this lady is awesome. 
  8. Ruta Sepetys: I would read ANYTHING this lady writes (in fact, I added an book written by her set to be out soonish (like the next year or so) that has no title because I am THAT excited for it). She writes some amazing historical fiction that if you have not read yet you really should. I connected with her stories SO MUCH and felt so much for the characters throughout the books. I love her take on things and I love how she always opens my eyes to something new. 
  9. Rick Riordan: I love what this man did with Greek mythology. I honestly think I learned more about Greek mythology from his books than from any class that I have ever taken. It somehow got it to all make sense to me. I must be honest, I have only read the Percy Jackson series. I hope to eventually get to his other series because I hear nothing but wonderful things about it. Hopefully one day. 
  10. Marissa Meyer: Yes, the author of the series I am still needing to catch up on (but she can still make my list guys ok?). She created a story that just complete captures all of my attention. I can’t help but sit down and read a good chunk of her books because it is just that good. So much is happening all the time and the characters are just so fantastic. I will be caught up on this series before the release of Winter (YOU ALL CAN HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE FOR THAT OK! I HAVE UNTIL NOVEMBER). It’s all good guys.

Huh, it’s interesting to see just how lacking my list is in male authors. Feel free to recommend some to me guys. I love discovering new authors and new books!

Wow. What a list. I realize there are so many authors I left out that I wanted to include. I love so many authors, but these are definitely 10 of them that stand out.

How do our lists match up? Do we share any favorites? Who else would you add to this list?

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: FAVORITE AUTHORS!

  1. We have quite a few in common, JK Rowling, Rick Riordan, Roald Dahl and Sarah J Maas are all on my list. Also a Ruta Sepetys Between Shades of Grey is on my TBR list, so if you’ve read that one then I’d be interested to know what you thought of it.


    1. I have read that Ruta Sepetys book and LOVED it. I was worried it wouldn’t stand out next to all the books I have read during that time period but it sure did. I loved it and I hope you like it too! Fun to see we have some in common!


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