Three Reasons You Need To Read The Orphan Queen

I received this ARC from my Secret Sister as a gift. It in no way sways my opinion on this book.

If you have not read this synopsis for Orphan Queen you should definitely do so.

My initial reaction upon finishing the last page of this book:

This was immediately followed by…..

This book was amazing. I’m scared my words just will not be enough for you. There are so many wonderful elements Jodi Meadows throws in and she always keeps the reader on their toes. It just…it was fantastic. I really think everyone should add this book to their TBR and buy it when it is released on March 10th. Here are the TOP THREE reasons I have for you to read this book.

  1. One of the best female heroines I have had the pleasure of reading about. Seriously, Wil is fantastic. She has such strength and has really used the terrible things that have happened in her past to her advantage. She has a very strong moral compass and that honestly made her that much more impressive to me. She really tries her best to do everything she can so that she can get back to where she belongs and her people can get back to where they are safe. She makes mistakes. She owns up to her mistakes. She tries to fix the trouble her mistakes can cause. I loved her. She is definitely up there as one of my favorite heroines.
  2. The world Jodi Meadows creates is fantastic. First off, lets say that I was not completely confused. Everything made sense to me, which is awesome. I hate when I’m reading a book and I have to like flip back through pages to kind of grasp where people are going and whatnot (which is one reason I cannot continue with almost anything GRRM writes). I just followed it so well and I could picture it so well. I didn’t feel like it was bogged down with unnecessary details. I understood the world, which doesn’t always happen. I just got lost in it, while not actually being lost.
  3. So many moments of me reading and realizing I was holding my breath. The action that happens in this book…it’s intense. Like all the way to the end. I had problems putting it down. There are just times where everything is happening and you just HAVE to keep reading. I love books like this. Ones that just continue to keep you hooked. Even the parts that are “boring” are exciting to me. There was so much going on. Plotting, scheming, spying. It’s not all fighting, but it’s still thrilling.

I could probably keep this list going, but it would just be me blabbering on and on about loving things and words describing how fantastic it was and though I feel that my feelings are valid, I think you need legitimate reasons to give this book a try that aren’t me just fangirling on and on.

I honestly don’t want to say too much more. My fear is that I will give away some super important details and I want you to find them for yourselves. I want you to read this book so you and I can discuss all of our feelings and help each other cope with the long wait til the next book.

Rating: 5 stars. This was easily one of my favorite reads from 2015 so far.

What are your thoughts? Is this a book you are wanting to add to your TBR?

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