Let’s Find You Some New, Fabulous Tunes.

If you know me pretty well you probably know that I had a weird musical slump last year. I blame my move and all the stuff that happened with that. It seems that when I’m in some sort of depression or slump in life I turn to bad pop music. Why? Probably because it doesn’t really make me feel much of anything but I can sing along and whatnot. Well, apparently I’ve been making up for that so far within the last couple of weeks. And I tend to like to share what I’m listening to every so often. I’m all for people listening to these artists and spending a little less time with the female pop vocalist who seem to dominate the Top 40 (yea….not a T Swift, Ariana Grande, Megan Trainor, etc…fan. Just try something new people, please!). Here we go…. (in no particular order)

You should probably start listening to Ella Henderson. Yes, you probably have heard Ghost on the radio, which is a fantastic song. Her album just released here in the US, and I can’t seem to get enough. She has such a powerful voice and writes some pretty incredible songs. Mirror Man is pretty great, as is Glow and Yours. But I think this song is my favorite at the moment:

You should probably start listening to Foxes. You probably recognize her…I mean everyone and their brother has heard Clarity (though you should really listen to her acoustic version of it, sooooo gorgeous). She has some amazing vocals and I really like her sound. I think that she tries a little bit to be “hipster” but she is so good I can ignore that. I love Let Go For Tonight, Youth, and Holding on to Heaven. But this song is definitely my favorite of hers at the moment:

You should probably start listening to Broods. Seriously, they sound so familiar to me but I just cannot place it. They have this slightly eerie sound that I just love. Her voice is gorgeous in a completely different way than the first two singers that I have mentioned. They must have had a song on a TV show or something, because I KNOW I have heard some of their stuff before. I love Bridges and Coattails. So good. But my absolute favorite song of theirs right now:

Ok, there are some that I have just started getting into and I just want to share that I love them so much. They have catchy songs, wonderful voices, and they are just all around fabulous. But since I’ve just gotten into them I really only have a few more songs to share. But you should listen to them too!

Catchy, fun, really cool voice. SOLD! 🙂

Oh man, that beat. Love it.

MY GOSH that voice! It’s fantastic!

A little slower than others I’ve listed, but still so good.

There’s a lot of good stuff I’ve found (thanks Spotify!) and I know there are a lot of fantastic things coming out this year. Anyone else listening to anything good? Anything I’ve been missing out on?

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